Nov 7, 2011

What is EBSCO and what will it do for me?

EBSCOhost is a publisher of subscription bibliographic databases containing current and reliable information on a wide variety of topics from multiple resources. The GTSD subscription to EBSCO is partially funded by LibraryLinkNJ, a state tax funded service of the New Jersey Library Cooperative. Included are encyclopedias, almanacs, newspapers, magazines, professional journals, primary source documents, radio/tv news transcripts, media (image, video) libraries, book reviews, and more.

Access is available through several age appropriate interfaces: Searchasaurus, Kids Search, and Student Research Center. Staff access to academic and professional development resources is available through EBSCOhost Web. Each of these interfaces provides seamless access to multiple databases. Follow the links below to see a list of what is included in each:

One caveat -- while Searchasaurus looks like it is perfect for younger students, the information contained within is very similar to Kids Search and may be difficult for new readers.

Staff access to all EBSCO resources are available through the following pages on the GTSD Faculty Wiki:

Middle school students may access these resources through the following pages on the SMS LMC Wiki:
  • Find Information (Kids Search, Student Research Center, Literary Reference Center, Science Research Center, History Reference Center)
  • Book Reviews (NoveList K-8)

Elementary students may access theses resources through the following pages on the GES LMC Wiki:

No login or password is required, on or off campus, when "clicking" through the links on our wikis. Links can also be added to grade or class pages, please see Ms. Bond.

For more information visit EBSCO 101 on the Faculty Wiki. There you will find detailed descriptions of each database and interface. Contact Ms. Bond for assistance in incorporating EBSCO and other digital resources into your daily lesson plans or long term projects.