Feb 2, 2012

Cool Tool: Pixlr

Pixlr is a robust web based photo and graphics editing software, available free, without a login. Students in 6th and 7th grade Media Literacy used this to re-size and customize avatars for our digital classroom in Edmodo.

Photo Editor
I am a big fan of Adobe Photo Shop. I use it often to create images and text designs for web publishing, flyers, even touching up family photos.  The free web based Pixlr interface is eerily identical the $89 software I just purchased and loaded onto my new laptop.  There are a few features missing, but all of the essentials are there.  Students can create images with transparent backgrounds, touch up photographs, create amazing clipart. Easy to use filters create interesting and wild images with little effort. More complex images can be achieved by using layers.  Files can be saved as jpeg, ping, bitmap, tiff, or pxd.

An original image was instantly transformed with 2 clicks using Filters:
Night Vision

There are so many features to create and manipulate images that full interface may be too confusing for younger students. In this case Pixlr Express may be a great option.

Retro Vintage Effects
Upload a photo from your computer, take one using your webcam, or try it with one of theirs.  Modify the look and feel of the image using preset color and filter settings.  Some of the effects have names that will induce nervous giggles from middle school students.