Apr 25, 2012

Cool Tool: Popplet

Popplet is a free, web based mind mapping and curation tool.

Teachers or students can create individual Popplets, or collaborate together on a single Popplet.  Added items can include text, images, links, and other web based media.

Accounts are required to create projects. Email is required for accounts, TOS states that this tool is for ages 13+.  Popplets can be shared via direct link or by embedded on a website, blog or wiki page.

Possible uses in the classroom:
  • Display the steps of a mathematical or scientific process.
  • Draw connections between characters in a novel.
  • Display and share a selection of web sites and information on a specific topic.
  • Demonstrate the thought process in gathering information during research.
  • Consider and evaluate solutions to a dilemma or situation.
  • Demonstrate new understandings of a topic.
  • Create a digital story using original text, images and video.