Apr 5, 2012


GoodReads is a online community of readers.  Members sign in to their account, add books to their shelves, and connect with other like minded readers. The connection could be as simple as following another's library updates, commenting on a review, or joining a online book club.  Those who wish to keep their reading anonymous can set their profile to private or visible only to "friends".  Accounts are free; the site is supported by advertising.

I joined GoodReads in 2007 as a way to help me keep track of the books I have read and those I would like to read. My "friends" include real life friends (including a few GTSD staff members), librarians I have met at conferences, and like-minded readers I have never met in person.  I also "follow" the updates of many others, whose reviews help me to notice hidden gems and trends in school libraries.  Updates can include books added to the "TBR" shelf (to be read), recent reviews, comments on other reviews, and posts to discussion groups. Members customize the newsfeed to show only the types of information they are interested in seeing.

So if you're looking for something good to read during the break, consider exploring GoodReads!

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