Sep 19, 2012

Cool Tool: Edmodo

Edmodo (GTSD has our own subdomain) is an academic networking platform in which you can create a digital classroom. It is free to use, includes no advertising, and provides many teacher tools for engaging and managing a digital communication space.

Most of our middle school Media Literacy classes have used Edmodo as an extension of our classroom.  As teacher I was able to share the class agenda, link to resources, invite conversation, and digitally view and grade student work. Students were able to respond to questions, initiate discussion, share ideas, upload and turn in work, and view their graded assignments. Sometimes the interactions happened during class, other times students logged in from home. All students were able to stay connected to what was happening in the class, whether or not they were physically present in the classroom.

In addition to creating a digital classroom space, Edmodo has also allowed me to enlarge my personal learning network. I joined groups such as Common Core Conversation, Community Learning, Project Based Learning, Teacher Librarians of Edmodo, TeacherShare and several others. Each of these groups have been an incredible resource of information and inspiration. I have also begun to develop connections with teachers and librarians across the country, in the hopes of one day connecting our classrooms for a collaborative project.

So how does all this work within one little web space?  Edmodo has the look and feel of Facebook, minus the requests for farm materials, postings of vacation photos, and other non academic/professional content. It is all learning, all the time.

There is too much to share in a single blog post! Greenwich faculty and staff are invited to contact Mrs. Bond for the school code and an invitation to see a digital classroom in action.

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