Dec 19, 2012

Web Gem: Teaching Kids News

Each day Teaching Kids News presents an age appropriate news article in language that elementary students will understand.  In addition to explaining the news, articles share why the event is newsworthy. Articles are organized by common news sections such as general news, entertainment, science, arts, sports, and politics.  There are many teacher helps: writing and discussion prompts, reading prompts, and grammar features.

From the How to Use This Site (Grades 2-8) page:
TKN was born from the desire to teach balanced literacy in a meaningful way. We provide teachers with a current events resource ideal for shared, guided, and independent reading lessons. Our Curriculum Connections section at the bottom of each article includes Writing/Discussion Prompts, Grammar Features, and a Reading Prompt (inspired by the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum) that will allow you to connect with your students and problem solve real life issues without hours of planning!
While some of the articles do have a Canadian focus, there are many articles that have worldwide interest.

For easy access by students Teaching Kids News has been added to the Interesting News section on GS wiki.