Mar 26, 2013

International Connections

It's a big world out there. This video reminds me why it is so important for students to be exposed to cultures and landscapes different than their own, through literature, media, collaborative activities, and personal connections.  How prepared are our rural-suburban students to meet, interact, respect, understand, or appreciate other people and their cultures? Can they imagine living near volcanoes, salt fields, deserts? Do they feel the "wonder and excitement" the videographer shares in the below video? Turning the tables a bit, how aware are our students of their culture, and how well do they represent it to others?
Shot on a journey around the world undertaken in 2011. This video is not about the places I visited, but merely an attempt to evoke the feeling of wonder and excitement in seeing as much as I was lucky to. 

Global Collaboration Resources and Tools
  • 21st Century Schools: Index to collaborative projects and programs. Special section devoted to Science and Math content area activities.
  • EPals: Digital pen pal service that connects schools and students around the world. Includes bookclubs, shared research projects, photo sharing, and other connections.
  • GlobalSchools.Net: Their mission is to support 21st century, brain-friendly learning, and improve academic performance through content-driven collaboration. Includes Doors to Diplomacy, International Cyberfair, and collaborative Projects Registry.
  • iEarn Collaboration Spaces: Index to projects designed and facilitated by students and teachers, each with local and global curriculum connections.
  • UN Cyber Schoolbus: Interactive web site that shares WebQuests, teacher resources, games and other cultural learning tools.