Mar 25, 2013

This Week in Library/Media

This week at the Greenwich School Library Media Center:
  • 1st grade is exploring the typeface/font, size, and color features of Microsoft Word. We are also practicing the tricky skill of selecting text with the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.
  • 2nd grade is completing their Dogs or Cats PowerPoint project by adding a clip-art image.
  • 3rd grade is proofreading their velociraptor PowerPoint projects. Students are also adding their own personality to the presentations by choosing theme, color and font styles.
  • 4th grade is working with keywords. Identifying keywords will help determine search terms, words to scan for when looking for information, and even help identify the main idea of a question or topic.
  • 5th grade is gathering information for a research project with their teachers.

This week in Media Literacy at Stewartsville Middle School:
  • 6th grade is in the process of creating animals for the Stewartsville Zoo.
  • 7th grade is learning to search Google with precise keywords and search operators.
  • 8th grade is wrapping up a project where they share a few of things they learned while at Stewartsville Middle.

This week's SMS Wiki front page question is asking students to identify this growth found on a tree in Stewartsville.  Random guesses are not accepted, students must cite an information source that helps to identify the fungus, plant, bug, or something else. You are invited to help solve the mystery!