Aug 30, 2013

This Week in Library/Media: Week 1

For the first time ever, the district Library Media Centers were open to students on the first day of school!

Mrs. Hall and I welcomed all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes for library orientation and first checkouts. It was a thrill to see students browse the shelves, choose great material, then read to one another. I hope this cooperative spirit continues throughout the year!

The elementary LMC computer lab is a very exciting work in progress. Soon our students will have access to new 21.5" HP all-in ones, as well as 3 laptop carts with small-hand-friendly laptops. This is especially exciting, as teachers will have more tools to integrate technology into their everyday classroom experience.

The middle school LMC saw a big furniture rearrangement over the summer. The goal was to orient the computer stations to allow better views of the interactive board. At the same time, I began the challenge of weeding and rearranging the print collection to ensure students and teachers have access to current, reliable and quality information.

The wikis remain a work in progress, and I suspect they will be finished when the Internet is done producing great tools and resources. Look for future posts on wiki updates, as the GS wiki will join the SM wiki in weekly front page updates.