Sep 3, 2013

Discovery Education: Free Resources

Discovery Education is a teacher friendly media resource.  Through the district subscription, GTSD faculty have access to video, images and audio on many curriculum related topics. In addition, subscribers will find digital stories, quiz makers, writing prompts, games, presentations, songs, Fun-damentals (interactive learning experiences), and many other useful tools and resources. Search by keyword, curriculum standards, grade level, media type, or even language to find a good fit for your lesson needs.

Outside of that subscription services, there are also many free resources available to teachers and families.  Discovery Education account and login are not required to access these resources, so feel free to include a direct link to your favorite resources from your class or grade wiki page.

Browse by grade level (K-5, 6-8, 9-12) or by content type:
  • Programs and Contests: Includes hands on activities, lesson plans, videos, project ideas, and virtual field trips.
  • Puzzles: Create your own word search, fallen phrase, math square, maze, cryptogram, or one of many other puzzle types to share with students.
  • Lesson Plans: Find inspiration in the DE lesson plan bank. Many activities are related to ongoing programs and contests.
  • Brain Boosters: An extensive collection of thoughtful challenges that require students to think. Grouped by categories: Categorization, Lateral Thinking, Logic, Number and Math Play, Reasoning, Spatial Awareness, and Word and Letter Play.
  • Web Math: Online math help that allows students to enter in the question parameters and see how the problem can be solved successfully.
  • Clip Art: Free access to school appropriate clip art and images on a variety of topics.

GTSD staff should contact Mrs. Bond with any difficulty accessing or using the subscription resources.