Aug 20, 2014

Google Apps: Homework Calendar

Google Calendar can be an excellent tool to help students keep track of class deadlines and homework assignments.

Tips for Teachers
  • Create a new calendar (do not use the default calendar provided by Google calendar). Give it a short, but appropriate name.
  • Adding events, reminders, deadlines:
    • Set the Event Date as the due date or event date. Avoid adding times unless necessary as they may clutter the view.
    • Enter basic information into the Description box.
    • Attach related documents to the event.
    • Embed the calendar to your class wiki or web page.
    • Invite students to subscribe to the calendar using their Google Apps account. (students may also incorporate the calendar on their personal device, see here for basic guidelines).

Tips for Students
  • Log in to their school Google Apps account.
  • Visit the class page, click +Google calendar image to subscribe.
  • Students will now have the homework calendar accessible through their Google calendar account.
  • Encourage students to set reminders for this calendar. The notification settings will only apply to the individual student, not anyone else who subscribes to the calendar.
  • Students who wish to receive reminders via SMS will need to register their phone with Google calendar (process takes less than one minute).
    • To set reminders for all calendar events, click the down arrow next to the calendar name.
    • Choose Reminders and Notifications
    • At the top of the page, select Add a Reminder, select Email, Popup, or SMS.
    • Reminders for full day events (how most deadline and homework events will appear) are sent at 5pm the day before the event. So a reminder set for 10 minutes before the event will be sent at 4:50pm the day before.

Suggested Lab to Enable
  • Use 'Event Flair' paired with 'Event Attachments' to let students know when there is attachment with an event.

Note regarding iCalendar
Subscribing to a Google calendar can be a bit tricky when using iCalendar. Visit this useful Google guide to find step by step instructions.