Sep 8, 2014

Google Apps: Simplified Sharing

Google is in the process of rolling out another new feature that will make quickly sharing a document a little bit easier.
To give access to your content to others, click the blue “Share” button (or select a file/folder in Drive and click the person icon), and you’ll see a new “Get shareable link” button and grey icon in the upper right corner of the pop-up window. With one click on “Get shareable link,” you’ll see your file’s link appear and that the icon turns from grey to green, meaning that the file is ready to be shared with view-only access.  
If you want anyone with the link to do more with your file, like leave comments and suggestions or make edits, just change “Can view” to “Can comment” or “Can edit” in the dropdown. And as always, if you only want certain people to be able to view, comment on, or edit your file, add their email addresses and we’ll send them a link that only they can access.

This will work well for teachers who want to post a link to a document or file to their wiki or website. This will also facilitate distributing a digital document to a small group (colleagues, students, families) via email.

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