Nov 24, 2014

Cool Tool: EasyBib Tools (Chrome Extension)

EasyBib is a freemium web based MLA citation generator. With a free account (be sure to sign in with Google!), users can store bibliographies, notes, and even have a digital review of an essay.

The paid version of this tool provides citation generation for additional styles (APA, AMA, Chicago, and more). The School Edition simplifies the process of teaching research using digital tools.

While this citation generator does make things a bit easier, it is not perfect: sometimes fields will be completely wrong or will be missing key information. Researchers must verify everything, fill in the missing pieces, and know when to stop looking for the missing pieces.

Related resources:
  • EasyBib knowledge base. Help articles on how to use EasyBib tools (note that some are behind a paid subscription), videos showing how to format citations, guides on on note taking and bibliographies.
  • Scholar Space Teacher resources. Includes posters, handouts, and ready made presentations on MLA formatting, website evaluation, plagiarism prevention, wikipedia, flipped classroom, and more.

To install the extension:
  1. Must be logged in to Google Chrome with Google Apps credentials.
  2. Go to Chrome Store, search for "EasyBib Tools" extension.
  3. This extension will help to create citations for web pages and other sources. It will appear in the upper right corner of the browser, just below the red x.

Create an account:
  1. Once installed to Chrome, click the EasyBib icon. Select Login.
  2. Click Sign in with Google. Follow the onscreen steps to connect your new EasyBib account with your Google Apps account.

To generate a citation:
  1. Be on the page to be cited.
  2. Click the EasyBib icon. Notice that EasyBib will attempt to help you verify the credibility of the site -- this is a help, not a guarantee.
  3. Verify the information that is automatically filled in the popup -- this is a requirement. Add/edit where necessary.
  4. Click Create Citation.
  5. Close window to continue searching OR Click View Bibliography.

To move your bibliography out of EasyBib:
  1. Click the EasyBib icon. Select View Bibliography.
    • Export: Copy/Paste, Export (Word .docx, Google Doc, OneDrive, Email, OneNote).
    • Share: Share a direct link, email, or invite other EasyBib users to view or edit.