Jan 12, 2015

Middle School Grammar Resources

  • Grammar Girl: Transcripts of grammar based podcasts.
  • K12 Reader Worksheets: Documents suitable for printing or use with interactive boards, designed for for middle school practice.
  • Activity suggestion: Watch Weird Al's "Word Crimes" video, and then read Grammar Girl's response. Does Grammar Girl's position have merit? Or is she just overreacting?

Digital Games and Practice
  • Houghton Mifflin Grammar Blast: Text based quizzes that check students understanding. Students check their answers before moving on to the next question. Activities are grouped by grade and topic.
  • Exercises at Grammar Bytes: Text based questions with virtual prizes for correct answers. Each exercise has a related handout that includes all of the questions, which can be used without the website. Excercises are grouped by topic, which include: comma splices and fused sentences, fragments, apostrophes, pronoun agreement, subject-verb agreement, word choice, and more.
  • Fun Brain Grammar Gorillas: Parts of speech practice.
  • Grammar Ninja: Interactive game that challenges students to identify parts of speech. Feedback is instant, incorrect choice part of speech is shown.
  • Road to Grammar: Collection of text based quizzes covering parts of speech, vocabulary, commonly confused words, usage, and error correction.
  • Memes: Invite students to create memes to educate others on common grammatical errors. Browse the web or visit Pinterest to find examples. This can be a bit tricky as many memes are not school appropriate. imgflip has an easy to use meme generator, but may feature inappropriate content.

Tip: Organize links to your favorite videos using a social bookmarking tool or your class website. This will allow you to easily direct students to quick support materials.
  • Grammar Bytes: Collection of videos. The pacing is a bit slow, but the graphics are
  • Schoolhouse Rock: Yes they are a bit dated, but these catchy songs will have your students remembering important grammar concepts.
  • English Grammar videos at WatchKnowLearn: Fantastic collection of over 700 professional and school created videos. Narrow by topic or search by keyword to find just the right video for your lesson.

Apps (iPad)
  • Jumbled sentences: Series of free apps that helps young writers improve their writing. Definitely targeted for elementary, but may be useful to help older students who struggle with the basics. (installed on GTSD LMC iPads)
  • Sentence builder: Another app designed for younger students, but may be useful for some older students. (cost) (installed on GTSD LMC iPads)
  • Grammar Pop: Affiliated with Grammar Girl, this app provides parts of speech practice. (cost)
  • Buildit3D - Sentence Structure: Designed for middle school students, this free app focuses on sentence structure. (installed on GTSD LMC iPads)

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