Apr 8, 2015

TechSmith Snagit (Google Chrome Extension)

TechSmith's Snagit is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to share what they see on their screen. Capture by selecting a portion of the screen, current browser tab content, the entire page (scrolling capture), or video screen cast. All captures are saved to Google Drive for easy access and sharing. While there are alternatives that offer more features, Snagit's Chrome extension is free, easy to use, and will travel with the user's Google Chrome account (school, home, any computer with Chrome installed).

There are a lot of ways that Snagit can be useful in the classroom for both students and teachers. Some suggestions:
  • Teacher or peer visual and audio feedback on projects.
  • Students capture an image of the results of a quick assessment or game (helpful for sites without class management tools).
  • Create a screencast demonstrating how to complete an action, share with students or colleagues.
  • Demonstrate an action or process, share with others (students, colleagues, families).

Image capture options:
  • Choose an area of the browser window to capture: user drawn region, visible browser window, or scrolling capture of the entire web page.
  • Add text, arrows, circles, or squares to highlight or draw attention to specific areas of the image. The color and size of these elements can be defined by the user.

Video recording options:
  • Video recording is not limited to capturing only the content within the browser.
  • Choose which window to record: full screen or a specific window.
  • Enable or disable the microphone.
  • Files are automatically saved to Google Drive (larger files will take longer).
  • Create an animated gif (video must be less than 20 seconds). Alice Keeler's Teacher Tech blog has a great tutorial.
  • Publish directly to YouTube.
  • Capture a direct link to the Drive file.

Quick note: Some recording and annotating features do not work on certain types of web pages -- but there will always be an option to simply capture a still image of the screen.