Sep 19, 2015

Coursework Cross Post: Week 3: Rules of Design

Originally published to a blog maintained for the Rutgers course Web-Based Multimedia Design for Educators.

Part A
I selected an infographic that was published as a teaching tool about infographics. I chose this design because I don’t like it -- I find it jarring and unprofessional in appearance. My goal with this analysis is to determine if my personal taste is backed up by the design rules from this week’s readings.

  • Fonts: There are only 2 fonts used in this piece. One is use for title and headers, the other for the content. That said, the casual and "loose" title font contradicts unpleasantly with the standard and almost boxy content font. 
  • Tacky Type Emphasis: The author did not make the fonts worse by applying additional emphasis or having too many shifts in sizing. The standard fonts are used throughout, emphasis is used sparingly.
  • Proximity: Content is grouped in way that is logical and useful.
  • Background: The background is a gradient orange and is not busy.

  • Naked photos: The images end abruptly, making it feel as though they were a late add-on.
  • Bad bullets: The Bullet and text are too close, leaving no breathing room.
  • 4 Corners and Clutter: Clip art appears everywhere. Instead of illustrating the topic, it detracts the eye from the message.
  • Trapped negative spacing: The social media list is made to feel bulky by placing the icon in columns after the name. Instead, the author could have used the icons as bullets, allowing a smoother flow. 
  • Margins: The spacing around the graphics and text are inconsistent without purpose. In addition, the spacing between lines is often inconsistent, creating larger than expected negative space.
  • General discord: Instead of bringing the entire design together in harmony, the repetition of stars creates discord. The placement appears haphazard, causing the text to appear as secondary material.

Part B
I enjoyed the Harmony activity, but found the Decisive Presentation challenging. No matter how many times I rearranged the images and text I was never happy (still not thrilled with the final result).