Jan 14, 2016

Quick Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

Commit this short list to memory. You will be tested the next time you are typing a document, entering information in an online form, or participating in an online chat/comment/discussion. The shortcuts work in most productivity tools and browsers. In most cases, Mac users can replace Control with Command.
  • Control-A ➤ Select everything in document or tab
  • Control-C ➤ Copy the selected text or item
  • Control-X ➤ Cut, or remove the selected text or item
  • Control-V ➤ Paste the most recently copied or cut text or item
  • Control-Enter ➤ Force a new page

These formatting shortcuts work as a toggle. Turn formatting on or off with these key combinations:
  • Control-B ➤ Bold the selected text
  • Control-I ➤ Italicize the selected text
  • Control-U ➤ Underline the selected text

These shortcuts are helpful for "oops" moments or during repetitive tasks:
  • Control-Z ➤ Undo the most recent action
  • Control-Y ➤ Repeat the most recent action

Do you often have multiple windows or programs open? What about completing online forms?
  • Alt-Tab ➤ Quickly switch between open windows
  • Tab ➤ Go forward one field
  • Shift-Tab ➤ Go back one field

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