Mar 21, 2016

Google Drive: Set Expiration Date for Shared Files

Google announced a new feature for Google Drive, the ability to set an expiration date for shared files and folders. When the appointed hour arrives (11:59pm on the set date), the recipient's comment and visibility privileges are automatically revoked.

This feature will not work when the recipient has Edit access, which includes Google Forms collaborators. The expiration date is also not available for blanket shares (public, anyone with the link, or all within domain).

To set an expiration date:
  1. Share a file or folder with individual users or a Google Group email address.
  2. Once file or folder is shared, hover over the blank space between the username and level of access. A stopwatch will appear.
  3. Click the stopwatch to open the options.
  4. Choose 7 days, 30 days, or select a specific date. Note that you can return to this window to cancel the expiration.
  5. Click the blue Save Changes.

Google reports that this will rolled out gradually. We are starting to see it in GTSD, If you don't see it yet, be patient, it will be available to you soon!