Oct 4, 2016

Quick Tip: Rescue a Stalled Computer

Today I met with my middle school tech club.  Each week, before we begin our long-term projects, we review technology support tricks that can be used to help our teachers and peers in the classroom. Today's topic was how to revive a stalled computer.

  1. Have a little patience. Sometimes things don't work as quickly as we'd like. If an update is downloading or installing, the computer may run a little slower. If the user has 15 tabs open in Chrome, things will slow down a bit. If the internet is slow or near capacity, the pages will sometimes take a bit longer to fully render.
  2. Control-Shift-Escape opens the Task Manager (Windows OS). From this menu you can locate the stalled program and close that one specifically. Be careful when choosing apps/programs to exit -- some of them are essential to the functioning of the computer.
  3. Last Resort: Force power off and restart. You've been patient. You attempted to close locked apps, tabs, or windows. You were patient while waiting for any response from the computer. The last resort is to press and hold the power button until the device shuts down. Give it a moment, then restart.