Dec 17, 2011

Cool Tool: Quizlet

Digital flashcards with the ability for students to study and play games using the terms and definitions you provide.

You enter a list of terms with definitions. Enter your own definitions, or use the seek feature to locate definitions used by other users for that same term.

  • Speller: Speaks the word or phrase on the card, list the definition. Student is prompted to spell the term. Incorrect answers are immediately restated and spelled verbally and visually, with the opportunity to try again "for practice." 
  • Learn: Quick drill through the content of your flashcards.
  • Test: Quizlet generates a quiz using your flashcards, students may then take the quiz and have their answers checked immediately.  Students may choose any one or a combination of 4 question types: written, matching, multiple choice, and true/false. 

Play games
  • Scatter: Challenges students to connect the correct definition (or match) to each term.
  • Space Race: As definitions scroll across the screen, students are challenged to type the correct term.

Cost and Accessibility
Quizlet is a freemium tool.  Meaning teachers can sign up for a free account, but need to pay for upgraded features.  Students do not need to login to view the flashcards or the study tools. In fact, they don't even need to visit quizlet directly - you can embed the flashcards on your wiki page or web site, like this: