Dec 19, 2011

Cool Tool: That Quiz

Originally designed for math teachers and students, is a free, feature rich, web based quiz site. Teachers and students can test their knowledge on integers, fractions, concepts, geometry, language vocabulary, geography, and science, all without logging in. Teachers also have the option to design original quizzes making this a great tool for any discipline or subject area.

View this simple sample test, which includes an image to identify, a few multiple choice questions, and an essay question.  Another option is to create a matching quiz.  A third type is the slide quiz, is a really neat feature that easily allows questions with geometric shapes, plot graphs, and more. See this sample of a slide quiz that tests your ability to read and interpret bar graphs.

A free teacher account is needed to create quizzes and track student scores.  Student access does not have to require a password (an option teachers may choose), but students will need to select their name (or other assigned identifier) from a drop down menu to take the quiz.  For lengthier quizzes or test preparation, test makers can allow students to save their work and return to the quiz later.