Dec 20, 2011

Hands on Science Learning with Zooniverse

Have your students explore the surface of the moon, investigate solar storms, identify new planets, transcribe ancient papyri, decipher weather patterns from wartime ship logs, or identify aquatic creatures and features, all from the comfort of a computer! Through Zooniverse, students have the opportunity to work with real images and provide assistance in ongoing scientific study.

There are several projects to choose from:

Tutorials are available at each of the projects, explaining not only how to use the applications, but also a little bit about the science that is being studied.

Find lesson plans and worksheets for Galaxy Zoo and Solar Storm Watch. Visit the Education: In and Out of the Classroom forum for additional ideas on how to incorporate this into your lessons and activities.

We have many generic district Zooniverse accounts already set up. Contact Mrs. Bond for a single login to check it out, or a full class set!