Jan 30, 2012

Cool Tool: KidBlog

Blogging can be a great method to practice writing, communication and digital citizenship. KidBlog.org offers a no cost, advertising free, and safe environment for elementary and middle school students to write and comment on blog posts.

How To
  • The teacher signs up for a free account. It is possible to have multiple classes and blogs.
  • Through the user friendly interface, the teacher determines the layout and features of the blog.
  • Posts can be made public, visible only to students in the class,  another designated class, or teacher only.  Posts and comments can be published immediately, or wait for administrator/teacher approval.
  • Student accounts can be set up individually, or by uploading a csv file.  No email addresses required for students.
  • Share the blog url with students and begin writing, sharing and collaborating!

Don't Miss This: Tagging
Posts can be tagged for easier searching and identification later. Tagging is an important feature of many web based sites -- it is the feature by which the people organize information by attaching their own keywords.  By asking students to tag their posts, you are asking them to label it with the key idea.  Tags can also help you find specific assignments, or easily group posts by group, topic, or other criteria.

Preview This Cool Tool
eduTecherTV developed a short video tour of this Kidblog: