Jan 17, 2012

Cool Tool: SchoolTube

Looking for a way to share your students video creations? What about the the video tutorials you prepared for your students to view at home?

SchoolTube recently reworked the design and functions of their site, making it more attractive and easier to use.  SchoolTube is very similar to YouTube in that it allows account holders to upload videos to be stored on their site for free. The biggest difference between the two is that on SchoolTube all content is moderated.  Because the video moderation is done by people there will be a delay in accessibility.

Consider searching the work of other schools for instructional media or samples of student projects. You can also use SchoolTube to connect with other schools by creating and sharing presentations about local issues, culture, even shared topics of study.

SchoolTube also promotes contests to encourage students and classes to practice digital media skills.

To create a new account:
You will receive an email with your password (you can can change it to something more easily remembered).

To upload a video:
  • Once logged in click the "Upload" button at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the video details: title, description, tags, and category.
  • Select the privacy options: by choosing Public anyone will be able to see the video, Just My School will hide the video from everyone except those logged in to an account associated with the district.
  • Click "Select File" to open a dialog box; navigate to the file you would like to upload. 
  • Click "Upload." The larger the file the longer the upload time. Depending on your internet connection and file size, the process may take an hour or more.

Once your video has successfully uploaded you will receive an email confirmation with the future link to the video.

For assistance is setting up and account, uploading or embedding video please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Bond.