Jan 20, 2012

Discovery Education: Songs

Creative Commons image from Flickr
There is some great research that shows how music changes the way brain waves react, making the brain more receptive to learning. In addition, listening to music while working allows the right and left hemispheres of the brain to work together better, making learning faster and more effective. Read more on this topicHodges, Donald A. "Implications Of Music And Brain Research." Music Educators Journal 87.2 (2000): 17. (via EBSCO)

Our district access to the multimedia resources of Discovery Education includes a large selection of educational music.  To see what is available:
  1. Log in to Discovery Education
  2. At the top of the screen, under the search box click Advanced Search
  3. Choose "Song" in the Media Type drop-down
  4. Click Search
You will find just under 600 educational songs covering everything from grammar to math to science.  Click the subject area or grade level links to quickly see a more focused set of materials. Following are some examples of music to aide in instruction, or to provide inspiration for student created projects:
Share these resources with your students with direct link on your class or grade level wiki or web page. We now have student accounts with a simple login and password. (Check with Mrs. Bond for more on this.)

For assistance in accessing or utilizing the resources available through  Discovery Education please contact Mrs. Bond.