Feb 16, 2012

Cool Tool: ScribbleMaps

ScribbleMaps makes it easy to annotate Google maps. The map interface is very similar: search by address or GPS coordinates, zoom in or pan, view as a map, terrain, satellite or hyrbid.  Add text, images, and draw directly on the map.

This a free, browser based program. You do not need an account to create, save or view maps.  Annotated maps can be saved as an image file, shared via direct url, or saved as a Google Earth file. By sharing the url for the map, visitors will be able to make their own annotations (to save they will need to either create a new map file, or know the password to the current map file).

Three quick ways that students can use this software as a tool for learning:
  • see a map of their town, marking important places like home, school, park, athletic fields.
  • view a map of a state or country, marking important borders, cities, geographical features.
  • view street level views, marking cultural differences.
  • collaboratively annotate a map, depicting battle movements, hot spots of innovation, or population movement.

View the first video tutorial below to see ScribbleMaps in action: