Feb 16, 2012

Join the "Secret Technology Club"

One of the people I follow on twitter just shared an amazing slide presentation that she created.  I love how she describes why she created the presentation:
If you think that technology power-users have a whole bunch of "secret" tricks and shortcut, you might be right. We’ve been immersed in computer-use for decades now, but very few of us have had much formal training. We learn through trial and error, but it’s difficult to learn what you don’t know exists! If you suspect you’ve fallen behind and would like to fill some of those silly technology gaps, this is for you. This will be a random assortment of tips and tricks for a variety of programs and web applications. You can become a member of the "Secret Technology Club" by learning the secret technology handshakes.

Regardless of your skill or comfort level with technology, this is a must view:

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