Feb 13, 2012

Presidents Day

The GES and SMS media centers have a good selection of biographies, stories and other books related to US presidents. Browse the catalogs and let the library staff know what they can reserve for you or your class. There are also some great resources available online, here are some of my favorites:

BrainPop: Lots of fun videos and games related to presidents and Presidents Day at BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. Login required; click through the wikis (GES and faculty) for auto-login.

Discovery Education: Videos, segments, images, and other resources.  Presidents' Day: Washington and Lincoln is a 15 minute video (or choose from 5 segments) that explains why we celebrate President's Day. Login required.

Presidents Day Vocabulary Quiz: Designed for ESL, but can be a great tool to challenge students to show their knowledge of presidential vocabulary.

IPL POTUS Special Collection: Internet Public Library's directory to information on presidents. Includes basic biographical information, notable events, links to biographies and documents, appointees, as well as presidential election electoral vote results.

Spelling City presidential vocabulary: List of vocabulary related to the election process and office of the presidency.

Teacher's Domain: Collection of videos, segments and support materials.  Much of the material was originally broadcast through PBS, American Experience and others.  Requires free login; learn more about this resource.

Whose Day? Well, at Least It’s Not Who’s: And just for fun, is it President's Day, Presidents Day, or Presidents' Day? Take a moment to discuss with your class which they think is correct, and why!

For assistance in using these resources or to find additional resources on a specific topic please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Bond.