Mar 29, 2012

Cool Tool: Zoo Burst

ZooBurst is a web based digital pop up book maker. Free accounts allow up to 10 books with 10 pages each (see comparison chart for full list of features).  Story makers can:

  • Determine the color of the page, ground, horizon and sky to complement the story.
  • Add objects from an extensive collection of clipart.
  • Write their own page and character narration.
  • Customize type color and appearance, even add a link to a website.
  • Alter the size, rotation, pop angle and speed for each object.
  • Embed finished story to a wiki or web page.

The littlest students may find this interface a bit challenging, but grades 1-3 will enjoy creating their own digital pop up stories! A fun activity might be to create a story on the interactive whiteboard, inviting the whole class to contribute.  One drawback is the lack of spell-check, but careful proofreading can help to avoid any embarrassing errors.