Mar 21, 2012

How are your typing skills?

Grades 3, 4, and 5 have been learning to touch type as a part of library time this year. Most of our 5th grade students can type 25 words per minute with 100% accuracy! Middle school students have had the opportunity to improve their skills as a part of Media Literacy. What about you? Hunt and peck will work for short web searches, but this style can make typed tasks take longer than necessary.

TypingClub is a free, easy to follow, time friendly site that can help you improve your speed and accuracy on the keyboard. Accounts are free but not necessary. Lessons are short and to the point followed immediately by feedback. The idea behind this method is that repetition will help your fingers know where to go without you having to consciously think about it. If the software senses that you are taking time to look at the keyboard, the next lesson will look like jumbled letters layered on top of one another.  The ever present image of hands at the bottom of the screen will be your key to passing this level -- place your hands on homerow, and just press the highlighted finger on the key on which it rests. Like me, the software wants you to stop looking at the keyboard!

We have our own server on the site where students login, practice using customized lessons and have their progress recorded. This is currently free but will likely move to a fee based model in the near future. If you would like to develop a series of lessons for your students contact Mrs. Bond. The base set of lessons are available for you to adapt, reorder, adjust goals, and do what is necessary to meet the current needs of your students.