Mar 12, 2012

Web Gems: Math

Looking for something new to help your students practice their math skills? Each of the below listed site are free, don't require a login, have minimal advertising, and have a good mix of learning and fun!

To encourage your students to play games at your preferred site, embed the link on your wiki page.  See a video that explains a tricky concept? Embed or link to it from your wiki page. For help with this, please contact Mrs. Bond.

Elementary School

Middle School
  • After School Mathematics: The site consists of 10 thematic activity modules, each with at least four activities. These content standard aligned activities are fun, hands-on, and provide opportunities for small group interaction, cooperation, and student leadership.
  • Brightstorm Math: Over 2000 free, online instructional math videos in all areas of secondary mathematics.
  • Interactivate: Contains a library of, and lesson plans for, interactive, Java-based virtual math activities for K-8 mathematics instruction 
  • Khan Academy: Short instructional videos on many concepts. (Recently featured on 60 Minutes.)
  • Individual or team games.
  • SoftSchools Middle School Math: 6th Grade Math and 7th Grade Math: Fantastic index of sites dedicated to math games, homework helps and quizzes. (found by Mrs. Synder)
  • That Quiz: Use the preset quizzes or create your own (See previous post about this tool.)