Apr 24, 2012

Cool Tool: Tiki Toki

Looking for a new way for students to develop timelines, show changes over a period of time, or tell the story of a prominent person's life?  Consider the browser based timeline tool, TikiToki.

An account is required to create a project.  Free accounts allow 1 timeline, email is required (the LMC has a workaround if this is an issue for your grade, see Mrs. Bond), and ads are displayed at the bottom of the timeline.  (All ads have been blocked by the Chrome AdBlock extension.) Paid accounts allow teachers to share "tokens" for upgraded accounts with students.

Stories (events) are added through the Admin tool.  Each event must include a name and date. Descriptive text (can be a single sentence or a series of paragraphs), images, video, and external links can be added to each entry. Settings such as start and end date, title, spacing, background color or image, and zoom level can be adjusted.   The developers are experimenting with building timelines with RSS feeds (such as blogs, tweets, or YouTube feeds), which could be an interesting way to view social media conversations on a topic.

View the sample projects below for an idea of what a simple (My Funny Summer) and a more complex (Prime Ministers in History) TikiToki project looks like.

My Funny Summer (Mrs. Bond)

Prime Ministers in History (British Prime Minister's Office)