Apr 3, 2012

The Magic Poetry Bus Driver's Guide

Video introduces poetry and poets in a very creative way.  Many thanks to Mrs. Gonzales for sharing!

Introduction to The Magic Poetry Bus Driver's Guide from Flash Rosenberg on Vimeo.
"Introduction to The Magic Poetry Bus Driver's Guide" is the first in a series of resources for "pro-active poetry," a dramatic approach to the teaching of poetry in the classroom and in the community.

The Bus is a vehicle for the imagination — techniques for learning and loving poems (on-line at magicpoetrybus.org and in the forthcoming Magic Poetry Bus Travel Book, a handbook for poetry bus riders and drivers).

The Magic Poetry Bus is the official project of Carol Muske-Dukes, as Poet Laureate of the state of California — though The Bus, in partnership with Get Lit and the Get Lit Players, getlit.org reaches audiences throughout the state of California — and beyond!