Aug 26, 2012

Welcome Back GTSD!

I plan to meet with each of you at some point during the first few weeks of school to review this information, share more specifics about what will be covered when I meet with students, and learn how I can support information and technology use in your classroom. Until then, here is a quick overview of the Library Media program:

My Role
As your Media Specialist it is my privilege to support you and your students in the areas of information and media literacy. What does that mean? I will introduce the basics of technology and information research through elementary library visits and middle school Media Literacy classes. Using strategies like Big6 and its little sister Super 3 we will build good information seeking habits. But that is a small part of my day, and a smaller part of your students' learning experience. Some of the ways I can help you:
  • Prepare a pathfinder to quality information sources for an information seeking project or assignment. 
  • Act as an extra set of eyes and hands during technology or research projects. 
  • Assist in planning authentic learning experiences that involve technology and media.
  • Meet your class (as a whole, small groups, individual students) in the library, the tech lab, your classroom, even the courtyard to teach and review information seeking strategies, tools and skills. 

Resources to Bookmark
This blog. This is where I will be posting tools, resources, lesson ideas, great class activities and more. I will send a weekly message through the school listservs highlighting posts, but the easiest way to keep up to date will be to subscribe via email or RSS feed.

The staff wiki. More static than this blog, all GTSD staff are invited to use the space for planning and collaboration.

GS Wiki and SMS Wiki: Our way to directly connect with students, provide easy access to web based tools, and ensure students are using the best resources available to them. Our wiki is the student's primary resource for information gathering -- everything they will need (digitally) -- should be posted or linked  there. Be sure to browse these sites to see what is available to your students and provide opportunity for them to use their resources!

GS Library catalog and SM Library catalog: See what we have in the collection, check availability, read and write reviews, create pathfinders.

Elementary Visit Overview
Whole class library visits will include a read-aloud, information literacy skill lesson, technology lesson and opportunity for quiet reading or research. We will also focus on small projects throughout the year to practice information and media literacy skills. While these projects will be somewhat independent of classroom learning, it is possible to adjust the activities to more directly connect with content area curriculum needs.

Media Literacy Overview
Media Literacy classes will continue to focus heavily on the NJTAP-IN. Basic computer skills, keyboard mastery, digital citizenship, digital communication and effective research will be on the agenda for each grade.  Core and special area project collaboration is welcome and encouraged, especially for assignments that incorporate technology, information research, and media skills.

Library Hours As soon as the Media Center staff schedules are confirmed, student library hours and the elementary class library schedule will be made available via the school email lists. Mrs. Hall (GS) and Mrs. Barone (SM) will continue to manage those schedules.