Sep 5, 2012

Cool Tool: Fakebook

 Facebook is a popular social networking tool well known to our students. For those unfamiliar, viewing a person's profile allows a glimpse into their life. You can see who they are connected to, who is in their family, who they communicate with  and what they talk about, school affiliations, personal photos and videos, ideas they like, and much more. Building on student's love and knowledge of Facebook,Fakebook is a free, web based tool that allows students to create fake profiles.

Reinvigorate biographical studies by having students create a Fakebook profile for a historical person. Students research the subject as they normally would using quality, reliable information sources. Instead of writing a formal essay, students take all that they have learned and compile a social media profile highlighting personality traits, family and friends, events, discoveries, battles, all the things that made the person or character stand out.

To extend this idea to ELA, challenge students to retell a novel by creating a Fakebook profile for their favorite character. See what others have done by viewing Fakebook profiles for Arthur Dimmesdale, Jane Bennet, and Hamlet.

Further extend this project to any subject area by profiling countries, corporations, discoveries, theories, geographic locations, rock formations, even scientific elements.

While Fakebook is a great tool it may not work for your classroom. Some other options to consider:
  • MS Word Facebook Template: Download this template and have students populate it with the relevant details and information.
  • MS Word 2010 Facebook Template: An updated version for the newer Word, this link also includes a rubric and graphic organizer.
  • MS PowerPoint Facebook Template: Creates a non web based page that looks and acts like a Facebook profile.
  • Farcebook templates from Teacher's Discovery allow students to write in the details.
  • Farcebook Posters from Teacher's Discovery include completed Farcebook profiles of famous authors and novel characters which could be used as a model or just fun classroom display.