Sep 3, 2012

Patriot Day (9/11) Teaching and Information Resources

One week from today is the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. How will you approach the topic in your classroom?

Search Tips
When searching the web, databases or other resources some keywords to use:
  • September 11, 9/11 or 9-11
  • Patriot Day
  • Include the grade level you are looking for, elementary or middle.
  • Include the type of information or material you are looking for, such as lesson plan, video, image.
  • Potential related topics include: patriotism, terrorism, travel safety, Twin Towers, Pentagon, Afghanistan, community service, volunteerism.
To narrow your Google results by publication date, media type, reading level or other criteria: click "Show search tools" in the lower left column.

Print Resources
My favorite picturebook to bring up the topic of 9/11 is The man who walked between the towers. "Once there were two towers side by side." Based on the true story of a man who walked on a cable between the Twin Towers as they were under construction in 1974. Fold out pages aid in showing the incredible view from the top and the immense height of the buildings. Subtle mention that the towers are no longer there.

Subscription Resources
An account is required to access these resources. With the exception of Discovery Education, GTSD staff and students may access with autologin through the GES and SMS wikis.

Web Resources