Sep 17, 2012


TED is an amazing resource for interesting talks, creative thinking, and innovative ideas. If you aren't familiar with TED, I strongly encourage you to visit the site and browse!

TED Ed is a recent addition, a section of the TED site focused on connecting great educators with great online educational videos. Browse completed lessons by series, subject or popularity. Each video in TED Ed is accompanied by questions, discussion topics and other opportunities to respond to the ideas and concepts shared. Create your own "flipped" video by choosing from preselected YouTube videos or by adding your own. Much of TED and even TED Ed content is more appropriate for adults than PreK-8 classroom use.  That said, there are many videos that will support or complement your content area. All videos are hosted by YouTube, making it very easy for you to download and share full videos or excerpts with your students during class.

Take a look at this video that introduces viewers to nanoscience and nanotechnology. Visit the TED-Ed page for this video to find thoughtful questions about the video as well as a challenge to Dig Deeper.

Another must view is Deb Roy: The birth of a word. MIT researcher Deb Roy discusses his very personal research into the topic of learning and language.