Dec 20, 2012

Cool Tool: Gynzy

Gynzy is a web based series of tools designed to help you create truly active interactive board activities and lessons. Right now they are offering the service free to teachers, and will give a subscription for the remaining school year to the first 1000 teachers who provide feedback.

Begin by selecting a tool from one of 5 categories:
  • Language Arts: memory, word spider, hangman (you supply the words)
  • Mathematics: abacus, sum machine, clocks, number lines
  • Science: tangrams, skeleton, world map, magnetism, scale
  • Other: includes blank sheet music and other music related
  • Extra: graph paper, notebook paper, birthday cake, class arrangement, task planner

Customize the tool using the built in pens, highlighter, type tool, and shapes. You may also embed images or videos. Choose from one of many extras that include timers, ruler, cover, magnifying glass, even a stoplight!

The simple shapes and designs are just right for early elementary students.  When ready to present to students, Gyzny will go full screen and allow you and your class to work through the activities on the interactive board.

Some of my favorite tools:
  • Word Spider: Organize thoughts or ideas using this digital mind map tool (all).
  • Floating and Sinking: Drag and drop items into an aquarium to see if they sink or float (K, 1, 2).
  • Division and Multiplication Tester: You set the criteria, students attempt to complete the questions in a set period of time (grades 4, 5).