Jan 13, 2013

This Week in Library/Media Lit

This week at Greenwich School Library Media Center:
  • After a fun week of storytime with 5th Grade Buddies, PreK and Kindergarten will return to storytime with Mrs. Hall.
  • First and second grade will log in to the school server for the first time with their personal logins and passwords!
  • Third grade will continue to practice typing; they are making fantastic improvement!
  • Fourth grade explore Google Earth in preparation for a Letters from Rifka project.
  • Fifth grade will create an avatar to personalize their Wikispaces accounts.
All elementary students will also have an opportunity to explore the library and choose independent reading material.

This week in Media Literacy at Stewartsville Middle:
  • Sixth grade will record MS Word video tutorials using Screencast-O-Matic.
  • Seventh grade will complete their Spanish restaurant menus made in MS Publisher.
  • Eighth grade will create their first MS Access database to help them solve fictional crimes.