Sep 6, 2013

This Week in Library/Media: Week 2

At the elementary school:
  • Preschool visited for the first time this school year. They heard a great story from Mrs. Hall and were able to choose a book to borrow.
  • First grade learned that picturebooks are organized by the author's last name. We imagined where our books would be placed on the shelf if we were authors. They had very creative ideas for stories!
  • Second and third grade reviewed library layout, this time focusing on the information side of the library and its exceptions: 398.2's (fairy tales, folklore, mythology), 811's (poetry), and 818's (jokes). What did the pony say when it had a sore throat? Give up? I'm a little horse!
  • 5th grade enjoyed their first visit, where we combined a few weeks of lessons into one. After reorienting ourselves with the room, students were given the task to complete a simple research project. Students used the Big 6 steps to locate new information on a topic of their choosing, using only print resources (and the library catalog). 
  • Next week Mrs. Hall and I are looking forward to seeing  Kindergarten and 4th grade for their first visits!

At the middle school:
  • The Media Center continues to become a more inviting and usable space for students and teachers. The big improvement this week was the removal of the faded and dated bulletin board content.
  • Sixth grade began to arrive for Media Literacy advisory. We discussed what the advisory is all about, learned class expectations through memes, and began setting up accounts. 
  • I look forward to meeting with 7th and 8th grade advisory classes next week.