Nov 11, 2013

Google Apps: Google Chrome

Google Chrome is unique in that it allows Google and Google Apps account holders to log in to the browser and create a profile that will travel with them from computer to computer. Browser settings are uploaded to Google's servers, syncing with the browser on each computer upon login. As a Google Apps for Education school, GTSD has set default settings to assist students and staff in quickly accessing district sites (see Customizations Specific to GTSD below).

This has great potential for students as they will have access to their personal browser tools as they move from classroom to media lab to home device.

Logging In
  • Open Chrome (Chrome must be installed, GTSD staff may contact Mrs. Morera or Mrs. Bond if it is not.)
  • Click the Settings icon, found in the upper right corner of the browser, just below the "x".
  • Select "Sign in to Chrome"
  • Enter your email and password
  • When the pop up appears, click "Yes link my data"
  • GTSD students and staff will see the Home button appear next to the address bar

What Syncs?
  • Apps: Browser based applications that run within the browser window.
  • Form autofill: Frequently typed information to more quickly complete online forms.
  • Bookmarks: Shortcuts to frequently visited websites.
  • Extensions: Browser based applications run as a part of the browser.
  • History: List of previously visited websites.
  • Passwords: Stored passwords for websites and tools.
  • Settings: Customized profile settings, such as appearance, user icon, and more advanced settings.
  • Themes: Allows users to customize the colors, graphics and general appearance of the browser.

Customizations Specific to GTSD
Through the Google Apps for Education administration portal we have been able to ensure that all GTSD students and staff have an easy to use and safe browsing experience.
  • Home button: allows users to return to a familiar starting point, no matter where they are on the web
  • Bookmarks bar: Visible by default
  • Default page on open:  brings students to their school wiki, staff to the district site
  • Default home page: brings students to their school wiki, staff to the district site
  • Safe Search: set as the default for all users, students may not disable
  • Apps Store: A starting place for those new to Apps, or those looking for free and useful academic tools

Fore more information on this topic please visit the Google help page "Why sign in to Chrome."  GTSD staff are encouraged to contact Mrs. Bond for support or assistance with Chrome or Google Apps.