Dec 10, 2013

On the Wikis: QWERTY

This week the SMS students will be encouraged to practice their typing skills. Dear blog reader, how are your typing skills? Browse the Typing Practice section of Tutorials & Tools page on the SMS Wiki.

You need to be able to type. This does not mean "hunt and peck" at the keyboard, taking minutes to type hello. Lightening speed on your phone doesn't count either. Yes, voice-to-text is available and improving, but is not the standard. It comes down to is this: your current school, and the schools you will most likely attend in the next 5 years, all require you to use a standard QWERTY keyboard to express yourself and share what you have learned. While the Winn brothers (producers of below video) may prefer one keyboard style over another, the point still stands: you need to be able to to type quickly and accurately.


I tell my students that typing 35 words per minute or greater will help them in three big areas: 
  • They can focus on sharing their brilliant thoughts, instead of trying to find the R key.
  • Homework or work can be completed in a shorter period of time, making more time for reading, sports, games, or helping dad with yard work. 
  • Instead of having to type their paper for them, their mom might just bake some cookies.