May 14, 2014

Google Apps: Advanced Gmail Search

What does your Gmail inbox look like? Do you use filters and labels to sort mail? Or do you prefer mail to appear in the order in which it arrived? Regardless of your mail management style, at some point the system will fail. There will be an elusive message, one that contains a piece of information that is needed now. Enter Google search for Gmail, a robust search tool for your mail account.

Search all of your messages quickly by entering keywords (subject, body, or attachment name) or the names people included in the message. Advanced search operators allow more detailed searching of specific fields.  The little triangle inside the search box reveals quick access to more advanced search filters, including whether or not there was an attachment, date sent, ability to include Spam and Trash, and more specific field searches. My one quibble is the missing spelling correction. However that is easily made up for by the predictive text feature, which allows the user to select a fully and correctly typed search term.

Video published by Google Enterprise.

GTSD staff members interesting in learning more about Gmail or Google Apps for education are invited to contact Mrs. Bond.