May 7, 2014

Google Apps: Shuffle Answer Order in Forms

Many teachers use Google Forms as a quick assessment or survey tool. The latest Google Apps newsletter shares a new feature that I think many teachers will appreciate: the ability to shuffle answer order.

The below how-to is from the Google Forms Help page, "Add and edit questions, headers, images, videos, and page breaks."

Shuffle answer order 
If you want respondents to see answer options for a question in a random order, click Advanced within the question field and check the box next to “Shuffle option order.” This option works for the following types of questions:
  • Multiple choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Choose from a list
  • Grid (will display “Shuffle row order” instead of “Shuffle option order”)

GTSD staff are encouraged to contact Mrs. Bond to learn more about Google Apps for Education or for support in incorporating these tools into the classroom routine.