Oct 24, 2014

Google Apps: New Drive

Google Apps users and GTSD staff may start seeing a banner message in Drive alerting them to the new version. GTSD staff and students are encouraged to change to the new Drive.  Nothing has happened to your files or connected apps, only the interface has changed. A few notable changes:
  • Single click to select a file, double click to open. This breaks the convention of single clicking on websites.
  • Create button has been replaced with New button.
  • Upload files and folders button has been integrated with New.
  • Shared with Me has been replaced with Incoming. Incoming is only organized by date, there is no other way to sort the files. For an application that is built on sharing and collaboration, this reduction in features is mind boggling.
    • GTSD note: staff who have not moved StaffShare to My Drive will have difficulty finding the drive. View the front page of the Intranet for guidance, or contact Mrs. Bond.
  • Recent shows all files that you have access to, ordered by the day when you last opened them.
  • If you want to hide the activity log that appears at the right side of the screen, click the Details icon. Click the icon to bring it back. When an item is selected, you will only see the details and activity for that specific file.
  • If you prefer to view your documents in a list, click the List View icon. To toggle back to Grid view, click the icon again.

The best place to go to learn more about the changes is to visit the Google Help page called The new Google Drive.