Jan 21, 2015

Cool Tool: OneTab (Google Chrome Extension)

OneTab is a free browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Since Chrome is the primary browser for my district, this post will discuss OneTab for Chrome.

The main selling point for this extension is the ability to save memory by closing less needed tabs, while maintaining the ability to quickly reopen.  While it is possible to accomplish this same task by bookmarking pages or reviewing browsing history, OneTab saves all open links and closes all tabs in one click. This can be useful when sharing a list of resources with students, curating lesson ideas for an upcoming unit, or simply saving the many open tabs relating to various open projects or ideas.

How to:
  1. First, install OneTab.
  2. Browse the web, opening interesting pages in new tabs. 
  3. Click the OneTab icon to immediately save a link to all open tabs.
  4. As all tabs close, a new tab opens to the OneTab page showing a list of links.

At the review page you have the option to:
  • Remove individual links from the list.
  • Click individual links to reopen the page.
  • Click "Restore All" to open all links (each page opens in a new tab).
  • Click "More" to name, lock, or star the tab group.
  • Click "Share as web page" to generate a single page. This unique page can be bookmarked, shared digitally, or printed and quickly accessed using a custom QR code.
    • As an example: Visit this link to access the OneTab site, the help page, and the Chrome Store page. 

For more precise actions, right-click the OneTab icon to:
  • Send all tabs to OneTab
  • Display OneTab
  • Send only the current tab to OneTab
  • Send all but the current tab to OneTab

Tips for Success:
  • OneTab does not sync between devices. There are some workarounds, but they are a bit clunky (review the Import/Export option on the OneTab page).
  • Tabs sent to OneTab will automatically close. The pages will be opened as new -- form data will not be saved, nor will page position.
  • Once links are sent to OneTab they are saved, even when the browser is closed. 
  • Name the tab groups for easier browsing and sharing.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Alt-Shift-1 to open the OneTab page.
  • Customize how OneTab handles duplicates, behaves at startup, and other features through the Options settings.
  • It is not possible to edit the page names or add descriptions using this tool. For a more detailed, annotated list, you may want to consider a social bookmarking site (delicious. diigo, pinboard)
  • Edits to a shared list will not appear on the generated page. It is possible to delete a shared list; the effect is immediate.