Jan 29, 2015

Presidents Day (February 16)

This post is an update to the February, 2012 Presidents Day resource post.

About the Holiday

About the People
  • Challenge students to use their best search skills to find answers to these Frequently Asked Reference Questions about the Presidents of the United States. Add the caveat that all responses must have an academic appropriate citation. (5+)
  • George Washing a National Treasure: Designed to enhance history and social studies curricula, these activities and lesson plans will introduce your students to some of the events and issues that shaped George Washington’s life. (4+)
  • IPL POTUS Special Collection: Internet Public Library's directory to information on presidents. Includes basic biographical information, notable events, links to biographies and documents, appointees, as well as presidential election electoral vote results. (3+)
  • Presidents of the United States: Resource Guides: Library of Congress developed guide to finding information about US Presidents through primary sources, exhibitions, and related websites. (5+)
  • Under His Hat: Lincoln Collection Digitization Project, a thematic online-education resource about the United States' 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Teachers will find lessons and activities based on digitized primary source materials. (4+)

GTSD teachers and students looking for print resources on Presidents Day and the men who held the office will find stories, biographies, and other informational texts in the GES and SMS Media Centers. Browse the catalogs and let the library staff know what they can reserve for you or your class. Staff are invited to contact Mrs. Bond for assistance in using these resources or locating additional materials.