Mar 16, 2015


Coggle is a freemium, easy to use, visual organization tool that allows individuals and teams to make visually appealing outlines, brainstorms, and mindmaps. For a low annual fee, supporters receive early access to new features.

The only way to sign up is by connecting through a Google Apps account. Google Apps for Education protocols regarding sharing do not carry over to this tool, schools will want to keep some oversight of student activity.

Creating a Coggle is as simple as clicking and typing, allowing users to focus more on their thoughts than the documentation process.

Something to be aware of: Grabbing branches to move or reorganize can sometimes be difficult, especially at the outside branches.

Invite collaborators using their email addresses (or Google Apps for Education login). Shared Coggles appear in the list, however there is no immediate indicator that the file is shared (clicking the share button reveals the profile images and names of collaborators).

There are several ways creations can be shared or exported:
  • Download as a PDF, image file (PNG), plain text outline, or an .mm file (FreeMind).
  • Share through a direct link (read only access).
  • Generate embed code to post to a website or wiki.
  • Share on Facebook or Twitter.

Google Drive
An interesting feature is the ability to organize Coggles that you own in Google Drive. This places them directly in My Drive, not a product created folder. Coggle files can be shared through Drive, however: the recipient must connect Coggle and Drive, and the the sender must allow Edit access.

GTSD staff are invited to contact Mrs. Bond for assistance in integrating this or other information tools in their classrooms.