Mar 10, 2015

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March 26)

It seems like there is a holiday for everything and everyone. But maybe not... Make Up Your Own Holiday Day can be a fun exercise in creativity for your students.

Activity Ideas
  • Read Mrs. Muddle's Holidays.  The author has a great page to help your class think through the process of creating your own holiday.
  • Education World shares some activity ideas to Create Your Own Holiday When There's Nothing to Look Forward To!
  • Browse a list of existing observations and celebrations. Consider the rationale behind the observation, the date or time of year, and who the target audience might be.
  • ReadWriteThink has an excellent organizer to help students think through the details of a new holiday.
  • As a class, brainstorm new holiday ideas. Discuss what is worthy of taking time to celebrate, who might be interested, and types of celebrations to acknowledge the day.
  • Create a paper or digital poster to promote a new holiday. Hang the posters in the halls or share them on the class website.
  • After discussing new holiday ideas, have a class vote! Create a Google Form to collect votes, then analyze the data in Google Sheets.
  • Write a persuasive essay to convince others to support a new holiday.
  • Create a website to promote a new holiday.
  • Research the process of how national holidays are created in the United States. What is the criteria? Who makes the decision? What holidays are officially observed by the US government offices? Consider referring to Federal Holidays: Evolution and Application, a document published by the US Senate.