Oct 4, 2015

Coursework Cross Post: Week 5: Working with Digital Images

Originally published to a blog maintained for the Rutgers course Web-Based Multimedia Design for Educators.

Cropping Exercise
Creative cropping can effect the viewer's perception of what is happening in the image. This photo depicts an active lake resort.

Original image.

Kayak alone in the water.

Serene lakefront property. This was a challenge because of the change in color of the water surface. Only a small amount of the lake could be used, otherwise it looks like there is a wave approaching the shore.

This final selection from the original image shows just the water.

Color Echo Exercise
I really liked the look of this butterfly, and wanted to look more closely at its color composition. I was surprised to see the specific colors found with the eyedropper tool.

I wanted to find a font that complemented the jagged edges and soft texture of the butterfly. I settled for a simple serif, perhaps because it has the classic look found in textbooks and museums. Keeping the same layout and typeface I experimented with background and text color. The final image includes a background developed using a custom gradient. The darker background showed me that I needed to increase tolerance when using the magic wand to remove the white background. Even though I do like the translucent feeling of the final image, the simplicity of the first image is my personal favorite.

Border Variation Exercise
For this exercise I experimented with border color, shape, and texture.